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PHOSPHORIC ACID 60%, 70% & 85% is available at attractive prices !!! !!! "Mono Potasium Phosphate 0-52-34" IS AVAILABLE at attractive prices !!! For REPACKERS - NPK 19-19-19, 20-20-20, 13-40-13 in customized packing!!! POTASIUM NITRATE 13-0-45 Fertilizer & technical grade is available in Branded pack and for repacking !!! Fresh consignment of 12-61-0 arrived !!!

“Welcome to the world of Fertilizers & Chemicals”

Who we are?
We are one of the largest manufacturers of Potassium Nitrate (Agriculture & Technical Grade), Urea Phosphate 17-44-0, 100% water soluble (liquid) NPK fertilizers 19-19-19, 20-20-20, 13-40-13, 13-5-26, 18-18-18, EXSOL DEF (for BS4/Euro 4 trucks & buses)  in India. We are the first manufacturer of premium brand "EXSOL" (एक्सोल) range of pH  rectifier (क्षार निर्मूलक) grades of water soluble fertilizer custom made for Indian alkaline soil & water. We are also the leading supplier imported water soluble & Organic Insect Control products in the country.

Export  "Potassium Nitrate", "rare earth Mineral", "Fresh Fruits" are also one of our focus areas.

Why Us ?

We are located in dry most zone & at the geographical center of the country. Having lowest humidity all throughout the year, we are capable of producing dry & free flowing water soluble fertilizers, which are usually hygroscopic by nature. Being located at the geographical center, we have delivery advantage all across country. Any developed water soluble fertilizer market is just within 1000 kms from our location.

We can produce with our inhouse raw material, pack in small & bulk customized packing and deliver to desired destination with ease.

Being one of the pioneers in this industry and having served medium, large private & public sector companies, we share very high reputation in this industry. We maintain our reputation with continuous quality production.

Who is our customer?
According to our company philosophy, every individual or institution directly or indirectly connected to our organization is our customer. A small part of the offer is our products and we can offer our products to the following community or individuals –

In India -

  1. Any Indian agriculture company willing to import and repack in their own brand name, in any given quantity with minimum of 20mt.
  2. Small repackers in different states of India, interested in comparatively smaller quantities 1mt-20mt.
  3. Dealer or distributor interested in our branded products, in different packing such as 1kg, 25kg, 50kg etc.
  4. “Progressive farmers”, “group of farmers” or “Institutional Growers/Cultivators” for their various fertilizer and chemical needs.
  5. Institutions for industrial chemical needs.

We are proud to be associatiated with our esteemed institutional customers including TATA Chemicals, Gujarat State fertilizer & Chemicals, Deepak Fertilizers & Petrochemical Corporation, Nagarjuna Fertilizer & Chemicals Ltd, Aries Agro Ltd,,Jubilant Organosys Ltd, DCM Shriram, on long term. We are also thankful to all other customers for their support & co-operation year after year.

Spec of Fertilizer grades listed in Fertilizer (Control) Order,1985 FCO

Rest of the world –

Importers from rest of the world willing to import our specialty grades in minimum of 1 FCL (20 or 24mt). Maximum quantity could be any. Material can be exported from our own factory in India or in other countries depending upon availability

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