Hi-GroW KNITE (नाईट) - पि-एच रेगुलेटर के साथ भारत का एकमात्र 13-0-46

pH: :5

Assay :98.4%min
Appearance :Powder
K2O :13.3%min
Nitrate N :45.4%min
Moisture :0.4%
Water insolubles
Heavy metal :0.001%max
pH value :5-7
Cl :0.4%max
Fe :0.002%max
SO4 :0.00%m


1. AGRICULTURE - As a soluble fertilizer

So far We are the only producer of acidic pH NK Fertilizer Potassium nitrate in India. We have the capacity to produce Higrow KNITE in any required pH range. Due extreemly low chlorine content and a wide range of pH adjustment Hi-GroW KNITE is extreemly suitable for Indian highly alkaline soil. As per our understanding this is the only 13-0-45 in India which is euipped for pH control of soil. Higrow KNITE boosts flowering by min of 25% in any given crop and stops fruit dropping by 100%. Thats why Hi-GroW KNITE is consiedered the best yield incraeser in crops like mango, chili, Brinjol & all other vegetable crops.

Dosage - 2.5gm-3gms/litre for intial crop stages. For fully matured crops 5-6gms/litre can beapplied on foliar application. For fully matured croips on fertigation 10kg/200litre can be applied by drip irrigation.

2. Industrial - Our product potassium nitrate is majorly consumed in, firworks for making of gun powder, glass industry, Ceramic, thermo solar cells etc.