Hi-GroW Big P - पि-एच रेगुलेटर के साथ 13-40-13 (Urea Free Fertilizer)

pH: :5

Total Nitrogen :13%min
Ammonical Nitrogen :8.7%
Nitrate Nitrogen :4.3%min
P2O5 :40%min
K2O :13% min
Water insolubles
Moisture :0.3%max
Cl :0.4%max
Fe :0.002%max
SO4 :0.00%m



1. AGRICULTURE - As a soluble fertilizer

Big P is one of the very few Uric nitrogen free fertilizers. Big P is one of the most effective soluble NPK fertilizer for crop vegetative growth. Tremendous growth can be obtained when applied in the initial level of crop life cycle. It can applied to any crop of age more than 20 days. Matured crop such as banana, cotton, Mango etc

Dosage - 2.5gm-3gms/litre for intial crop stages. For fully matured crops 5-6gms/litre can beapplied on foliar application. For fully matured croips on fertigation 10kg/200litre can be applied by drip irrigation.

Packing available - 1kg & 25kg