FUSION - पि-एच रेगुलेटर के साथ भारत का एकमात्र 19-19-19

pH :3-4

Total Nitrogen :19% min
Nitrate Nitrogen :4.5% max
Ammonical Nitrogen :4.5% min
Uric N: :10.5% max
P2O5 :19% min
:19% min
Chlorine :0.08% max
:0.4% max
water insolubles :0.1% max
Fe: :0.002%max
Fe+Mn+Zn+Cu+B :1200ppm


Application: Drip Irrigation & Foliar spray

Features of Foliar Spray Fertilizer

1) Hi-GroW FUSION Fertilizers contain Nitrogen, phosphate, potash, Sulphur in suitable ratio along with necessary micronutrients e.g. Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, which are EDTA Chelated compounds. Boron and Molybdenum is also added. This makes it a complete Fertilizer.

2) Hi-GroW FUSION Sprayed along with pesticides etc. It increases their efficiency as well as its own efficiency.

3) Hi-GroW FUSION 19 19 19 Being acidic in nature its absorption by leaves is more efficient.

4) 19-19-19 Foliar is easily and quickly taken up by plants thus conserving plant energy.

5) Hi-GroW FUSION 19:19:19 can fulfill any deficiency of one or all plant nutrients except calcium at any stage of plant growth. It can be sprayed with pesticides thus saving cost.

Unique Advantages of Foliar Fertilization

1. Due to attack of pests and insects and repeated spray of pesticides it reduces growth of activity of leaves by spray of Hi-GroW FUSION 19,19,19 ; leaves are rejuvenated and growth is improved thus leading to higher yield of produce.

2. Due to floods or droughts the soil nutrients are washed away or are ineffective. Under such situation Hi-GroW FUSION 19 19 19 spray revives the plant and supplies full nutrients necessary for high yield.

3. High sunlight temperature, cold weather or less soil moisture adversely affects crops. Hi-GroW FUSION 19 19 19 spray during evening at sunset effectively maintains healthy crop.

4. Foliar spray fulfils deficiency of any or all nutrients necessary for healthy growth of plant and high yield of produce, even at late stages of plant growth. It is most useful prior to flowering and during fruit development and before harvesting.

5. Consumption of Hi-GroW FUSION 19 19 19 is low as it is highly pure, concentrated and a complete Fertilizer. Its efficiency makes it economical compared to other straight fertilizers and high yield of produce is obtained.