ISHITA denotes “ MASTERY AND WEALTH” formally.

As the name suggests, so also has been our endeavor to translate it into reality in the promising agrochemical industry. Conceptualized prior to Y2K to explore, experiment and establish standards in the world of “specialty fertilizer industry” the company has transgressed through various phases, spectrum and has successfully carved it’s niche in the global arena in the agrochemical sector.

This has been possible with the mastery/expertise, unparallel dedication to serve the industry- of the promoters and team of professionals “ISHITA” proudly carries.

With it’s inception in the yr 2000 officially commencing the operations on 2004, the company has been devising fresh ideas, offering innovative solutions with a continuous value addition for it’s esteem customers.

Backed by a team of researchers, and creative professionals “ISHITA” undergoes an industry compatible transformation biannually.

ISHITA is the only outsourcing company in INDIA to have it’s own research team and therefore routinely springs up with innovative products and solutions through field trials and various other empirical approaches.

Through the continuous patronage from the trade and our acme clients we have metamorphosed into a “BRAND DEVELOPER in the fertilizer industry” from an outsourcing company. The ISHITA team comprises speciality fertilizer professionals with the background of registering the first soluble fertilizer “ NPK 19-19-19+TE in the fertilizer control order (FCO 1985), way back in the year 2002. This event can be considered as the birth of soluble fertilizer industry in India. To add feather to our cap we have positioned numerous brands viz: “ZAFRAN, TOPUSING, AQUABOR” and lot others.

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