Basic idea behind forming “Granular” calcium nitrate is to overcome the some of the disadvantages crystalline calcium nitrate. Being a highly hygroscopic compound, crystalline calcium nitrate tends to melt inside bags releasing water. This property makes it unuseful for long transportation especially in rainy season, thus reduce the shelf life. Granular calcium nitrate can be kept for comparatively longer period. Another advantage of granular is easy to broadcast in agricultural usage.

Granular calcium nitrate with aforementioned specification is more suitable for agricultural use than industrial use. Product has many advantages & a few of them are appended below

a) Drip Irrigation/Fertigation -It is soluble upto 1200gm/litre with virtually no residue.

Therefore it has advange over other popular brands of calcium nitrate of other foreign origin.It can be straight away poured into the fertigation tank and the same dissolves immediately leaving no residue in the tank.

b) Foliar application - It gives amazing result within 5-7 days of application with unprecedented change in the colour of the leaf.

c) Field Application – The shape of the granule of 2-4mm size allows farmer to easily broadcast the material into the field. It is advisable avoid flood irrigation 4 days before or 4days after application to avoid leaching. However the same can be adjusted as per local ambiance.

d) Agronomic advantages – Our trial on various crops such Banana, chili, Cotton, Potato, grapes etc have shown that the product builds high degree of immune to the crop on continuous application of the product on regular intervals. Highly soluble Ca gives tremendous immune to the roots & resist weevil attacks. For sensitive crops like potato, apple, banana & grapes it is highly recomended for excellent fruit skin and appearence.

Various grades of CALCIUM NITRATE available are as follows -

Component Clcium Nitrate Crystals Calcium nitrate Granular Calcium Nitrate with boron
wt% wt% wt%
Total Nitrogen Min. 11.65 Min. 15.5 Min. 14.6
Ca Max 16.69 Max 18.8 Max 13.5
Moisture content ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5
Boron Nil NIL Min 0.250


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