Manufacturing of Urea Phosphate has been started at our Nagpur unit.

molecular formula:H3PO4.CO(NH2)2,
molecular weight:158,
appearance: white crystalline, 
content of CO(NH2)2.H3PO4:98.0%min,
Total Nitrogen: 17.5%min,
PH:(1% solution):1.6-2.0 ,
Heavy metal(as Pb): 0.003% max,
As:0.004%max, F:0.18%max


Unique advantages -

- Solubility Rate - 15 times faster than MAP 12-61-0

- Acidity - pH 2, works excellent in hard water. Best fertilizer for highly alkaline Indian soil and hard water.

- Deactivates soil urease enzymes and slows urea hydrolysis near the soil surface. This effect lasts a considerable time, even in highly calcareous soils, allowing the urea to be taken up by the crop.

- Fertigation - Ideal for alkaline soil. If the soil pH and hardness is incraesing

- Foliar application - Can be sprayed with Insecticides & pesticide. Benefit is more if sprayed with Insecticides & pesticide

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