"लोहान कृषि फार्म, मंडला" में बिना एसिड के बिना रुकावट चल रही है नेताफिम ड्रिप

हमारे दावे को सही साबित करते हुए भारत के जानी मानी शिमला उत्पादक, "लोहान कृषि फार्म, मंडला" में एक्सोल के इस्तेमाल से पिछले ३ महीने में एसिड के इस्तेमाल में भरी कमि देखि जा रही है. इस अत्याधुनिक फार्म में नेताफिम का उत्क्रिस्ट स्वच्चालित ड्रिप लगा हुआ है और यह मशीन एक्सोल के साथ एसिड बिलकुल नहीं खिंच रहा है. इसके बाबजूद ड्रिप प्रणाली में कही भी किसी प्रकार की बाधा अब तक नहीं पाई गई है. हमारा अगला लक्ष्य सोलुब्ल खाद के डोस में कमि और साथ साथ उत्पादन को और बढ़ाना है और जो बहोत जल्द संभव होने वाला है.

Innova Industries, March 10,2013

Suspension of Activities - Amid suspected financial irregularities, Followed by revokation/suspension of all authorities of plant manager & FCO responsible person, Mr. Rajeshkumar Manubhai Parmar (Raju Bhai), temporary suspension of production at sister concern Innova Industries, 785/2B, 40 shed Area, GIDC, VAPI - 396195, has been continued . For any matter related to the company please contact


Rashtriya Chemical & Fertilizers Ltd (RCFL) agreed by buy 1600 MT soluble NPK 19-19-19 from Ishita International. The same will be used for reacking and selling in RCFL foliar brand in India.


25% Soluble NPK price increase in International market:

Amid vigorous increase in MAP (12-61-0) price, Prices of soluble NPK 19-19-19,20-20-20 & 13-40-13 has been increased by more than 25%, in the international market. This change in prices mainly attributed by imposed export duty in china, which is about 82% to 110% on MAP & various other phosphorus products. The export duty will remain in force between "Jan 2012 to May 2012". That means prics of of soluble NPKs such as 19-19-19,20-20-20 & 13-40-13 (popular grades in India) may increase further from the current level (which is already higher by 25% from normal level). As there is hardly any chance of change in international scenario, farmers in India will have to feel the pinch duing the first season, atleast upto Jun-July. Farmers in cash crop (grape, pomogranate, banana, cotton etc) areas will be effected more by this heavy cost burden for their extensive drip irrgation application of soluble fertilizers.



In pursuance of Clause 20 A of FCO, 1985, fertilizer companies namely, Chambal fertilizer Ltd., Sri Ram Fertilizer Ltd., Tata Chemicals, National Fertilizers Ltd and KRIBHCO have been permitted to manufacture neem coated urea as provisional fertilizer for commercial trial upto 3rd August, 2009. In order to encourage use of micronutrients, NPK complex fertilizer 15:15:15:9(S) have been included in FCO, 1985. Two new NPK 100% water soluble fertilizers 28:28:0 and 24:24:0 have also been notified under clause 20A provisionally. The specification of triple super phosphate has been revised under clause 20 of FCO, 1985 to enable easy availability of phosphatic fertilizer. 14 new grades of soil specific and crop specific customised fertilizers have been notified so far.

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on: 19-11-2010

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