Mono Ammonium Phosphate

Acronyms – Ammonium phosphate, MAP

Chemical Formula: NH4H2PO4

Agricultural application - Mono Ammonium Phosphate as fertilizer mainly catagorized into two types. Fertilizer  for soil application and fertilizer for drip or foliar application(fertigation).MAP for fertigation-By process of manufacturing there 2 types of MAP available. MAP hot process & MAP wet process. Hot process MAP is usually very pure becuase the process itself yeilds very high purity. Hot process MAP can be identified easily with naked eye by its fine shiny crystals. Its purity is about 99.5%.Wet process MAP is has to be lower in purity because of teh limitation in manufacturing process. Purity of out of this process is about 97-98.5% at the most. Wet process MAP is gainning popularity in agriculture because of its slight price advantage over hot process. Majority of MAP traded into india are wet proces MAP. Customer and enduser can not distinguish a MAP quality due to lack of knowledge and therefore wet is sold on price advantage. Only we are still maintaining its standard by supply hot process MAP.

Standard - We have standard MAP granular grades having Nitrogen ranging from 10-12% & P2O5 from 39-52%. Some grades like 12-39-0, 10-50-0 & 12-52-0 are very popular.


Industrial - These grades are also appropriate for industrial use such as fire retardant.

Various grades of Industrial Mono ammonium phosphate available are as follows -

Component Soluble MAP (Hot) SOluble MAP (wet) Granular MAP
wt% min wt% wt%
P2O5 61.2min
60.5 min
N 12.2 min 11.5 min 10-12
Moisture content ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤1.0


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