Mono Potassium Phosphate 0-52-34

Molecular formula: KH2PO4  
Assay: 98.0%min
Appearance: White Crystalline Powder
P2O5: 52%min
K2O: 34%min
Moisture: 0.2%
Water insolubles : 0.03%max
Heavy metal: 0.005%max
pH value: 4.4-4.6
Cl: 0.2%max
Fe: 0.003%max
Grade: A



00 52 34 is fully water soluble, chlorine free fertilizer, which is considered to be the best Phosphorus and Potassium combination really beneficial to crops at initial root development, pre/post flowering and fruit development stages. Similarly at the later satge 0 52 34 with its high phosphate content promotes root growth of the crop, improves flower induction and retention. Potassium helps for fruit development.

 Attributes of  00:52:34

Highly effective foliar spray promoting root development.

For better induction and retention of flowering.

It helps bringing early maturity of fruits cereals, pulses and oil seed crops with improved quality.

It is excellent source of water soluble fertilizer for phosphorus and potassium deficient soils.

It counteracts excess nitrogen and helps to develop certain resistance against plant disease e.g. Powdery mildew in horticulture crops as mango grapes etc.

Easy and quick absorption through leaves. Very suitable for foliar spray.

It is acidic, which increases the efficiency of nutrient uptake.

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