SULPHUR BENTONITE – magic in a shape

(S) is vital for life. It is one of the major essential nutrients required by all humanbeings, animals and plants. Agricultural crops require S in amounts similar to phosphorus (P), and S is as important as nitrogen (N) in plant growth and in the formation of crop yield and quality. Historically, S was supplied to agricultural crops in manures, by various farming practices and through atmospheric deposition. However, with the advent of more modern fertilizers, the S needs of crops were substantially supplied as an incidental constituent of two of the principal fertilizer materials single superphosphate (SSP) and ammonium sulphate (AS), Sulphur in powder form and by the sulphur dioxide added to the atmosphere by a coalburning society.

Leaching analysis shows that leaching in Ammonium sulphate is almost 96%, Powder sulphur 75%.

In order to overcome limitation of other form and sources, Sulphur is designed to Pastile shape. It is having the required sulphur and bentonite content as other bentonite sulphur granules. It is in perfect Half-Cut-granule shape exposing maximum contact surface area to come in contact with soil water.

It is calibrated with a technology to suit flood irrigation. An ideal product should neither disperse very quickly to leach deep into soil or take very long time to disperse so that it is not available to the plant active root zone. Sulphur Pastile between 2-4 hours of after coming in contact with water.

Depending upon farmers budget it can used from 25kg/Acre (2 Applications) and upto 50-60kg/Acre. Continuos application of the product in adequate quantities would check soil alkalinity (pH) and help in bring the pH down to the most suitable level of 6-7.

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